Introducing ION*

Beauty, virtue, character, It all starts from within and expresses outward. How do we nurture and cultivate these qualities? It's simple: self love and self care goes directly to the heart of the matter. With that I'd like to enter into a bit of discussion and to introduce you to a new line of supplements which can quickly and easily support our self-care. When we restore healthy communication and connection between our skin and our gut, many common, pressing issues which compromise our true wellness can simply resolve-- easily and effortlessly.

Modern life, modern challenges.
How have we changed over the past 200 years? For one, our attention span has diminished considerably. The debates of old that carried on for hours, where considered, reasonable discourse on subjects ranging from politics to philosophy to ethics-- all founded on the purpose of developing and building a healthy, flourishing society-- have become twitter feuds and memes. An argument is won, only to immediately morph into another "next thing". In keeping with this notion, when it comes to our physical body, why do we accept the dramatic increase of chronic illness in the western world as the new normal? We need to ask deeper questions: What is causing this disturbing increase? What can we do to maintain physical and mental stability in a time such as this?

Let's think about how we can get grounded and imagine what it would be like to deeply connect with our environment and discover just how much we reflect nature and how nature is reflected by us? Let's get off our devices and get outdoors. We can take notice when judgement arises within us towards another and embrace the gift of self reflection. With this we automatically move to a place of love and compassion which feeds not only the spirit, but also the body and the mind.

Holistic health fosters a deep inner health. Imagine for a moment: what would it be like to nurture and cultivate the gentle strength of a fortified barrier within places in our bodies where nature deemed it wise for it to be? This tissue is both discriminating and understanding of the difference between what is helpful and what is harmful. Could this knowing possibly help us navigate the charged social atmosphere of today? Might it help us connect with the wondrous wisdom of the very body we inhabit? 

Let us consider three major physical exposure points that are vulnerable to toxins in our environment: our sinus, our skin and our gut. These three are the guardians of our greatest health, and it is in our best interest to recognize and support each.


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The very foundation of our body's welfare is our food and our water, our air and our shelter. To that end, each of these is in some way either governed or affected by large, multinational corporations. And regulation? It happens in theory, but is it in fact? A deeper examination into the relationship between lobbying groups and the regulatory industry would say "no". We must be wise and educated so we can do it ourselves, whenever possible.

This brings us to the topic of food. Before continuing, I'd like to establish that I'm not here to vilify "Big Agra", but rather to recognize that they have utilized - out of what was perceived a necessity - a certain chemical to fulfill their purpose of feeding the masses. This has come at a large price, as this directive wasn't executed perfectly. I recognize the dynamic world of production and delivery is complicated, full of logistics and other considerations. But now we must do better.


It is critical that we actively support our health from the inside out. Why? Because of the existence of the above-mentioned toxin absorbed by those crops harvested to "feed the world"; it is known as glyphosate. Glyphosate is utilized as a "desiccant", which is to say, when applied to a crop it will cause a uniform drying of the grain to enable a quick and easy harvest. It is also used to kill anything which would degrade or threaten a harvest, such as insects or a fungus. Extensive research has indicated that when glyphosate is ingested by the body it weakens the seals (tight junctions) and barriers in both the skin and gut lining, which can lead to a myriad of health issues. The importance of these joints and barriers cannot be overstated. They are key to gut health, essentially acting as the gatekeepers of the gut. The seals between the cells of the gut's protective membrane keep toxins and foreign particles out of the bloodstream and allows nutrients to enter.

A few facts about glyphosate:
Glyphosate (Roundup) is used on 300 million pounds on US soil every year and 4.5 billion pounds of soil worldwide. It has been detected in 75% of rain and air samples in much of the US as well as in urine, blood, and breast milk of feed-animals and humans alike.

Unless you are eating purely organic, you are more than likely consuming glyphosate in your food on the daily (and even then, a little most likely slips in, though it is formally banned by Organic Growing Standards and Practices). But it's not just in our food, this petro-chemical is applied to the grass on golf courses, sports fields our children play on and other public spaces. Its near-ubiquity is an unfortunate reality. We need to be aware of its presence and act accordingly. We need to protect ourselves.

But before this gets too bleak, I'd like to shed a little light on the topic. Recently, a modern researcher of extraordinary talent has discovered an answer to the modern-day dilemma that is glyphosate. I'll get back to that in just a few moments. But let's continue on so you get the full picture of what's at play.

Intrinsically connected to our gut is our body's largest organ: the skin. This brings us to something called 'the gut/skin access'. Sounds a little vague. In this gut/skin axis it is via the lymphatic system and our blood that signals are sent and ongoing communication occurs. Let's get into it further. These two organs have another commonality in that they are contained by a barrier which provides both protection and filtration.

Our skin and our gut host what we call a 'biome' that is comprised of trillions of bacteria, microbes and fungi. It is an ever-shifting, dynamic environment, unique to every individual. Furthermore, a compromised or unhealthy gut biome will have a negative effect on the skin, and vice versa. It is just how our bodies work. (And it is also a fact that our gut actually begins in our nasal passage.) The fortunate side of this equation is that by strengthening and supporting our gut biome, we can enjoy glowing, beautiful and vibrant skin.

The same curiosity and thirst for discovery that drove migrations across great landmasses thousands of years ago, to the treacherous journey from the East Coast to California during the early periods of American Colonialism has fueled one of my personal heroes, Zach Bush M.D., to discover and refine an answer to the dire and previously-unsolved dilemma of the glyphosate in our midst.

I am delighted to share with you ION* Skin, Gut and Sinus Support product bundle. It is a unique trio that works together synergistically to bring strength and create resilience to the damage from not only glyphosate, but of other pernicious toxins we often encounter throughout the day.

ION* communicates and connects to our body as it signals to our cells. The beauty of ION* is that it tells our bodies to produce more of what we need for protection and to eliminate that which is harmful. Our natural production of glutathione and L-Lysine (two powerhouse antioxidants) is increased, along with an uptake of collagen. Additionally, ION*'s patented Terrahydrite blend catalyzes a response in our body to increase hydration within our cells throughout the body, such as those of the colon and our skin.

By starting with our sinus's and the very air we breathe, the wisdom of nature is expressed and gifted to us by the primary ingredient of ION*, which a soil-based humic acid. With ION*'s unique system there is a harmonious communication that occurs which provides an incredible boost to our entire health.

I hope and believe that through listening, discussion, and a willingness to transform the here-and-now of this critical juncture of our human race, will create a better future for ourselves and the next 7 generations to come. The pervasive presence of things like glyphosate may seem daunting, but in order for things to change, we need to start sharing information. There's no need to wait around for anyone to save us.

Time is of the necessity. We can take positive action by embracing and sharing new products and technologies that have arrived just in time to help heal ourselves and Mother Earth.

I wish for you abundant and long lasting health and a life filled with joy, success and satisfaction. I believe that the ION* Gut, Skin and Sinus Support is powerful, and I invite you to try it for yourself.