“I love both the evolving nature and continued positive results of Tracy’s facials over the years. Now, I have the opportunity to receive and experience her healing heart and skill with the alchemy crystal sound bowls. They have helped me stay present through some recent, concentrated and trying times of personal health and family deaths”. 



“I feel very comfortable going to SÄDÉ spa for regular facials with Tracy. As a man, it can be difficult to take the plunge into facial treatments, but it has been one of the smartest things I have done for myself. Tracy helps give me areas to ask my dermatologist about and ensures I do not let something minor become serious. Most importantly, I feel very good every time I leave knowing my skin is healthy. I am always less stressed and more relaxed after each treatment”.



“My singing bowl session with Tracy was such a relaxing and restorative experience. Tracy is a talented healer who helps bring your body’s energy into balance by playing soothing tones. She intuitively selects the bowls with specific vibrations which help to move stuck energy. The session felt like a deep meditation and spa treatment wrapped into one. My body and nervous system, along with my mind and thoughts were calmed and soothed - a transformative experience”.



“After several Sound Baths with Tracy I feel that each one was a plus and improved some aspect of my health—physical, emotional or spiritual. I’m glad I found her at this point in life, age 88”.


“Tracy truly is the best! She is extremely meticulous in caring for YOUR skin. She creates a calm, relaxing atmosphere that is filled with peace and positive energy”.


“Connecting with Tracy in her tranquil environment is an amazing experience, and I always look forward to my facial with her. Using only organic products which she researches, I am confident in her knowledge to create what is best for my individual needs. She is truly a healer. When I leave my appointment, I feel renewed!”.



"I highly recommend Tracy for a wonderful facial experience.  I have battled adult acne all of my life and have tried many different treatments and products.  Nothing was working for me.  When I started working with Tracy, she came up with a plan and I couldn't be happier!  The microdermabrasion has really helped my skin. Tracy is very knowledgable about various products, and will change what she uses with me to meet my present needs. I appreciate Tracy using high quality essential oils through out the facial process. The whole experience is amazing. The environment is very clean and peaceful.  It's like a 'mini vacation' once a month!  Tracy is a wonderfully thoughtful and caring aesthetician!"

Korey K.


"BEST FACIALS EVER!! Tracy is so amazing- sweetest lady you will ever meet. She is so educated on skincare and does what's best for your skin. She makes the whole experience so lovely, calming, and relaxing. It was SO much more than just a facial- she had a fancy glass of lemon water waiting for me, she massages your neck and shoulders, uses natural essential oils, has nice steam for the face, masks, serums, wonderful calming scents, etc. The list goes on. Worth every penny, and it's a great price too! I left with my skin feeling the softest it's ever been. She even had me exfoliate and moisturize my hands at the end and that left my hands soft for days. I could never go anywhere else. Love her!! You're missing out if you haven't been here."

Veronica W.


"I barely treat myself when it comes to my skin. I am someone who focuses my vanity on my hair. But I had the wonderful opportunity to see Tracy. I told her about my skin care routine, what I use, and what problems I have with it. She was very thorough in her explanations. Not only of what I use and how they effect my skin but also on what she will do to my skin and how it's beneficial. She was non judge mental either for not using the best products for my skin either. Moving on to the actual experience. She treated me like I was royalty.  Doing everything she can to make my skin glow and look healthy. I now only trust Tracy to take care of my skin!! THANK YOU!!"

Jeremiah M. 


"My recent visit to Tracy for a facial was wonderful, relaxing, and effective. Her studio space is sophisticated, relaxed, and inviting. Attention is given to all the details. I love her table; so comfortable. Tracy is energetic and kind and attended to all my needs. Her products are all clean and environmentally friendly with the majority of them being Sumbody from Sebastopol. I tried the microdermabrasion for the first time. It gently takes off a few layers of dead cells and my face felt wonderful. I could really feel the difference and still do two weeks out. My face is much smoother and softer. I highly recommend Tracy and look forward to my next treatment."

Michele P.


"I have been seeing Tracy monthly for over 7yrs. for my facials and for the past few months for her soothing sound bowls. The minute I step into her studio I am greeted with a smile and a hug. Tracy is extremely knowledgeable, professional and passionate. My skin glows for days after my facial treatment. The Sumbody products she sells are organic and have no harmful ingredients, I highly recommend the use of these outstanding products".