How ION* works 

This entire product line starts nurturing connection at the literal foundation of health, with cell-to-cell integrity.

Level up your healthcare ritual – inside and out. The ION* Complete Health Bundle includes Skin, Gut, and Sinus Support products, giving you all the tools you need to fortify your defenses and strengthen your microbiome.

It’s also the biggest bang for your buck including our most cost-effective sizes and an extra 10% off just to say, congrats on committing to your health!

• 32oz Gut Support
• 8oz Skin Support
• ION* Sinus Support

Frequently asked questions:

What does ION* Gut Support do?

ION* Gut Support strengthens tight junction integrity at the gut lining, which protects the immune and neurologic systems and regulates the delivery of water and nutrients to the body.
As demonstrated in our peer reviewed articles, toxins like glyphosate and gluten can degrade tight junctions in the epithelial layer of the gut lining. ION* Gut Support has been shown to promote the strengthening of this gut barrier, which supplies the first line of defense against everyday exposures to environmental and foodborne toxins. This in turn helps with inflammatory response, promoting skin health, reducing autoimmune diseases that effect the skin, enhancing mental clarity, promoting immune function, supporting digestion, and alleviating gluten sensitivity.

Why should I be taking ION* Gut Support?

Currently, 80% of the population suffers from gas, bloating, indigestion, and heartburn, all stemming from poor gut health. But when you factor in inflammation that is caused by poor gut health, those are just the tip of the iceberg. Given the number of symptoms, conditions, and diseases that chronic inflammation is responsible for, it quickly becomes clear why maintaining your gut health is so important.
So why do we suddenly need help maintaining our gut health? To start, overprescribed antibiotics, glyphosate damage, and a lost connection with our environment. Our microbiome is not thriving as it should, and neither are we. Rather than address a specific medical condition with a narrowly-targeted supplement, ION* Gut Support takes a holistic approach and helps maintain the strength of our immune system to create an environment that supports total body and mind health.

What are the ingredients in ION* Gut Support?

Humic Extract (from Ancient Soil) and Purified Water.

Humic extract is sourced from ancient soil (roughly 60 million years old), and contains a blend of bacterial metabolites (aka, fulvate) as well as less than 1% of a variety of trace minerals and amino acids including chloride, sodium, lithium, calcium, phosphorus, sulfur, bromide, potassium, iron, antimony, zinc, copper, gold, magnesium, alanine, glycine, histidine, isoleucine, methionine, threonine, and valine.

Please note, all of the trace minerals in our humic extract are naturally occurring, well below the RDI, and not meant to be used as supplementary to any deficiencies. The truly active compound in humic extract is the fulvate, a unique family of carbon molecules with oxygen-binding sites that are produced by bacteria when they digest nutrients. These molecules are the backbone of the ION* blend, helping with critical functions like cellular and microbial communication and chelation of nutrients.


Usage Instructions:

In the kit:
Adults and Children 3 and Over:
For general gut-brain health, we recommend 1 teaspoon of ION* Gut Support 3x/day. Optimal gut health is achieved when taken 30 minutes prior to meals because of ION* Gut Support's protective effects against gluten and glyphosate, but you can take it immediately before, with, or after a meal, (or on an empty stomach) and still receive benefits.
Children under three:
We recommend ¼ teaspoon, 3x/day for children under 3 years of age. If you would like to introduce your little ones more slowly, we recommend 1/8 teaspoon a day, slowly building to standard usage.
Insert nozzle of ION* Sinus Support spray into each nostril and pump 2−3 times. Remember to wipe the nozzle clean after each use.
Sensitive Adult Usage:
Results can vary with initial ION* Gut Support usage, with many customers reporting rapid and profound early results. These results are not the direct effects of the supplement itself, but instead reflect the innate healing process that occurs in a body as the firewall system is optimally up and running. There is a subset of individuals, however, that can experience symptoms of tiredness, headache, bloating/increased gas, or bowel changes. If you feel you may be sensitive to the changes that can occur as your innate defenses and capacity for water/nutrient absorption are restored, we suggest a slower approach. Start with 1/8 teaspoon of ION* Gut Support daily, increasing usage slowly, as tolerated, to get to recommended label usage. For ION* Sinus Support spray, simply reduce to 1 pump per nostril and increase as tolerated.

Skin Support
Mist ION* Skin Support on face and body twice daily. Use before applying other skin products, before and after sun exposure, or wherever your skin needs help. For best results, allow to dry or massage into skin before applying other skincare products.

How is ION* Skin Support different from ION* Gut Support?

In addition to the humic extract blend utilized in our Gut Support formula, ION* Skin Support includes bioavailable Silicon as Monomethylsilanetriol, Zinc Gluconate, Copper Gluconate, and Magnesium Citrate. It is a synergistic blend specially formulated for keratinocytes, the primary cells which form the skin barrier.

And now, there’s a way to take your microbiome self-care even further with all-natural, super simple, scientifically proven ION* Skin Support. Just like Gut Support, Skin Support works with your body to bolster its natural function and help it thrive from the inside out. ION* Skin Support defends against toxins and facilitates microbial connection, helping to reduce redness and signs of skin damage while also encouraging skin to breathe and glow.

Beyond these core benefits, ION* Skin Support is also specially formulated to work with keratinocytes (skin cells) to stabilize free radical production and promote an increase in glutathione, which has been found to decrease wrinkles and increase skin elasticity.

And the best part? It’s beyond easy to start taking care of your skin’s microbiome. Simply mist ION* Skin Support on your skin twice a day for better skin you can see and feel. (If only everything good for our health was so easy.)

Ready for your healthiest skin microbiome and most glowing, gorgeous skin yet!

How ION* Skin Support works

ION* Skin Support works much the same way that it does in the gut - reinforcing cellular connection, supporting a healthy terrain for a diverse microbiome, and strengthening your body’s barriers against toxins.

Usage Instructions:

Mist ION* Skin Support on face and body twice daily. Use before applying other skin products, before and after sun exposure, or wherever your skin needs help. For best results, allow to dry or massage into skin before applying other skincare products.

Sensitive Usage Instructions:

If you feel you may be sensitive to the trace minerals or humic extract found in ION* Skin Support, please patch test to ensure there is no reaction.

Does ION* Skin Support have an expiration date?

We recommend using ION* Skin Support within 1 year of receiving it, though there is no expectation that our skin health product will change over time or lose its effectiveness.

Should I patch test ION* Skin Support? 

Everyone's skin is different, and for any new skin product it is recommended that you patch test to ensure you will not have any adverse skin reactions.

Good spot/patch testing practices:

  • Test on freshly cleansed skin.
  • Test on your neck or inner arm.
  • Test one new skin product at a time.
  • Test for four or more days to ensure you do not develop a hypersensitivity reaction.

Sinus Support 

ION* Sinus Support is a non-habit forming and all natural nasal spray, facilitating the innate connection between you and your microbiome. This helps to soothe and protect your nasal passages while also allowing you to breathe clearly and maintain natural hydration. It seals cells in the nasal lining (the technical start of your "gut"), helping to keep toxins out of your body and strengthening the terrain upon which your microbiome can diversify.

Usage Instructions

Insert nozzle of ION* Sinus Support into each nostril and pump 2−3 times. Remember to wipe the nozzle clean after each use.
Sensitive Adult Usage: 
For ION* Sinus Support, simply reduce to 1 pump per nostril and increase as tolerated.

Is ION* Sinus Support different from Gut Support?

No. ION* Sinus Support is the exact same formula as our Gut Support product in a convenient sinus spray to help you support your nasal passages (which are the technical start of the gut). The gut begins in the sinuses, and the lining of our sinuses/nasal passageways have the same tight junctions as our lower gut. Just as ION* Gut Support targets the tight junctions in the lower gut, ION* Sinus Support spray functions as a different method of delivery to directly target the sinus/nasal region.

Is ION* similar to probiotics or enzymes?

ION* is not a prebiotic, a probiotic, or a direct source of enzymes. It contains zero bacteria. We need a much more diverse microbiome than one can achieve by replicating the same strands of bacteria over and over (this monoculture can happen when we take probiotics).
ION* is unique in that it naturally enhances the diversity of your individual microbiome. It works as a communication network that gives our bodies the tools to create their own bacterial ecosystem again - that ecosystem that has been wiped out by environmental toxins such as antibiotics and pesticides. Without the communication network, there will always be overgrowth of certain species and underrepresentation of others.
Note: Please consult your healthcare provider concerning the addition or removal of probiotics and digestive enzymes in your personal regimen; as each person is unique, we cannot make individual recommendations.


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