As many of you know, Dr. Zach Bush is the founder and CEO of ION* Intelligence of Nature. Many of you reached out wanting more information, and I created an invitation to try it out if it resonates with you. Support for your complex and thriving microbiome is critical for overall health based on his research and findings.

Building upon a decade of experience in working with the microbiome, Dr. Zach Bush’s team developed ION* Skin Support spray to defend against toxins and facilitate microbial connection, helping to reduce redness and signs of skin damage while also encouraging skin to breathe and glow.

I want to share more thoughts from Dr. Zach Bush regarding the definition of beauty and help explain why I at SÄDÉ Spa I continue to promote and highlight doctors and conscious-driven business owners who care about you, me and the generation to come.

Every day, we apply a barrage of topical insults to our skin microbiome.

From soaps to alcohol cleansers, chemical residues in our water systems to cosmetics, overuse of these chemicals across our body’s surface result in the loss of cellular communication and depletion of our skin’s regenerative potential. Just as in the gut, when we lose these tight junction boundaries within our skin, we also see the loss of our self identity.

Interestingly, when we look beyond the effects of chemicals to our outermost protective barrier, we see the most horrific damage to our skin coming not from our external environment, but rather our internal. What has become of our perception of ourselves? Our capacity to destroy our sense of wellness and beauty is remarkable, with our negative self-talk, our belief systems, and the emotional scars we carry.

Even further, as we age, many of us fill our minds with more and more insecurities as we struggle to maintain a youthful look. We regularly beat ourselves up over our concept of beauty, and then we express that stress in the way we show up visibly to the world.

Now more than ever, we must come to terms with the idea that beauty does not equal youth. Beauty does not come from a lack of wrinkles, the color of your hair, or a perfect complexion. True beauty comes from within, from our presence, from our wellness, and from the youthfulness we exude just by being our true selves.

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