Stress greatly affects our body and skin. We can minimize our stress load on the nervous system by supporting the overall health of our body and skin through specific nutrients. Potent herbs for dealing with stress are helpful because they are an adaptogen. This means that they help the body adapt to stress and assists in bringing it back to homeostasis!

Stress and adrenaline can put an extra burden on our immune system and dampen our mood, so it's important to try and support ourselves in additional ways when we experience more stress. Supplements in this video I will share can play an important role in healthy neurological function and energy production. When we have an overactive mind, it is helpful to counter excess brain stimulation and slow it all down. We also need critical regulators of oxidative stress and immune function for reducing free radicals in the body (free radicals are linked to aging and other problems). By taking great care of the inside of our body the skin glows and becomes radiant. It’s a win win!