How to Transition Your Skin Care Routine During Fall and Winter

Your wardrobe shouldn’t be the only thing that changes with the seasons. As summer turns to fall and fall into winter, your skin care routine needs a change as well. During seasonal transition, it is important to listen and be in tune with your body. Autumn is a time to reflect, embrace change. I will share a skin care routine that you can do in the comfort of your own home during this time as we are moving through Fall into Winter. I also want you to feel you have the tools best to support your skin, along with your overall well-being as we move through this pandemic that limits us at times from going out. 

I will show you how to build a skin care routine as the seasons change. I have put together Fall skin care constants that will help you achieve desired results during this season, moving into the Winter months. Let’s get started!

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First you want to clear away dry dead skin by exfoliating with products that are textured enough, but not too much so where you damage the skin’s tissue. When you take away dry dead skin you are left with a clear canvas ready to absorb nutrients that will feed your skin bringing it to life with vibrancy and a healthy glow. Don’t forget your whole body loves a good scrub down, not just our neck and face!

Here are a few Fall favorites of mine:

Torf Organic Mud Mask for an-all-over-body scrub or just the face & neck~ from the heart of Europe, is one of the most potent natural healing substances. A real gift of Nature, this organic mixture contains a multitude of bio-minerals, humic and fulvic acids, amino acids and plant hormones in a simple molecular form that is easier for the human tissue to work with. Since the early 1800's European best medicinal spas have used Moor Mud therapy on scientific basis for pain management, to detoxify, improve circulation and immunity, reduce inflammation, to fight eczema and to rejuvenate.

Who doesn’t love chocolate?  Now you can rub, scrub and smear to your heart’s content – with no calories. All of the pleasure with none of the guilt.




Gentle enough to be used as a daily cleanser and powerful enough to be used weekly as a mask, Manna cleanses and exfoliates while nourishing and hydrating to keep skin youthful. It’s pure, skin-transforming magic.


Whipped body scrubs 

These whipped body scrubs take scrubbing to the next level. We start by whipping rich, thick butters, then we fold in solar-evaporated Pacific sea salt, specifically milled for perfect exfoliation. Oils, botanicals, and natural scents are added for a  luxurious experience that leaves skin extra-moisturized, ultra-soft, and oh so silky-smooth. So many fun flavors!


Peppermint Twist~ When’s the last time you did the twist? A hint of warm, aphrodisiac Vanilla and cool, clean Peppermint make this one of our best-sellers.


Sugar Cookie~Remember the warm, sweet, smell of sugar cookies baking- and the fun you had decorating them with colorful icing and sprinkles? Made with milk, cream, honey and colloidal oats, to moisturize and soothe- Sumbody's sugar cookie is as comforting as it gets! Then we added sprinkles to bring back those fond memories and fun times. Welcome home!

*Pumpkin Spice~It's pumpkin spice & everything nice! All the senses of pumpkin pie and perfect for fall. Packed with natural skin loving ingredients of salt or sugar, cocoa butter and shea butter your skin will look and feel luminous for the season of change..

Hot Chocolate~Craving a mug of hot chocolate as the weather turns cooler? Blending rich cocoa powder, sweet vanilla and a few amazing exfoliants and moisturizers, this body scrub reminds you of a decadent cup of cocoa plus it’s great for your skin.


Cleanse and exfoliate through the old skin and revitalize it with a new healthy fresh start each season. Clean pores let your other skincare products soak in for maximum benefits. Cleansing breaks up any accumulated build-up, opens pores, and stimulates circulation so toner/serums can deposit actives into those newly-opened pores and remove any leftover debris.Use healthy environmentally safe ingredients in an exfoliate like the detox perfecting granules that can be added to your cleansers.  

Here are a few Fall favorites of mine:

Face Cleansers

goat milk cleanser hydrating skin careMilky Rich Goat Milk Cleanser in the AM and Pore Purge Charcoal in the PM to really detox the skin after all-day mask use. 
Other options you may find of interest for to customize for your skin type: 



pumpkin spice soap

Body Soaps

Cleanse your full body with our ever-popular Pumpkin Spice Coconut Soap and Charcoal Natural Soap 






Using a toner is an important, often overlooked part of a skincare regimen. Cleansing removes the majority of dirt, oil, and makeup but a toner rebalances pH and clears away any remnants left behind. With it’s calming and uplifting natural scents, these different powerhouse pH-balancing toners visibly reduces the signs of aging, offering ultra-hydrating ingredients to those in need. 

Here are a few Fall favorites of mine:


cucumber toner
COOL AS A CUCUMBER TONER MIST~Be as cool as a cucumber with this supercharged, pH-balancing, hydration-boosting toner. With refreshing cucumber hydrosol, it will bring an instant surge of calm and moisture to your skin while gently removing any last traces of dirt, makeup, and oil. Our Cool as a Cucumber toner mist will stop gunk from building in your pores and deliver active ingredients right where they are needed most, leaving your skin clean, clear and primed to absorb your moisturizer.




pore minimizing skin care facial toner
CLOSEOUT PORE-PERFECTING TONER MIST~ This action-packed toner removes any residue, traces of dirt, and oils left deep in pores after cleansing while restoring skin’s pH. This ensures proper delivery of active ingredients and maintains skin health. It also stops unwanted buildup in pores.



Explore our full collection of Facial Toners for alternative options we think you'll love!




Serums tend to confuse people. When to use them, why, what they do; if I use one do I still need to moisturize? Plain and simple, a serum is a problem solver used to resolve a targeted issue. Serums are more concentrated than moisturizers. They are formulated without the intention of providing sufficient moisture so that they can absorb deeper and focus on their job. After cleaning and toning, your skin is prepped so the ingredients in your serum can provide maximum benefit.

Here are a few Fall favorites of mine: 


detoxifying serum

DETOXIFY ME EXPELLING SERUM~ Clarify and detoxify seriously congested pores with our Detoxify Me Expelling Serum. Targeted to break up accumulated buildup when more clarifying power is needed than a cleanser and toner can provide, this powerful, lightweight serum eliminates dead cells and chemical buildup while soothing and calming even the most sensitive skin. It deposits vitamins and beneficial enzymes deep into the skin, where they are needed most for clear, radiant, blemish-free skin.


FULL INFUSION HYALURONIC SERUMFULL INFUSION HYALURONIC SERUM~ This hyaluronic serum is a hydration hero that will combat and prevent signs of aging and dehydration. When a moisturizer is not enough, give skin a Full Infusion! With hyaluronic acid, this serum absorbs deep into skin to deliver vital nutrients and moisture. Full Infusion will leave skin looking and feeling youthful, plump, radiant, and smooth.

Explore our full collection of Face Serums for alternative options we think you'll love!



Whether you have dark circles, puffiness, or a few fine lines, using an eye cream is a necessary step in your skin care routine all year round. The skin around your eyes is unique and needs special care. It is thinner and much more delicate than the rest of the face. This causes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to be more apparent, making the eye area one of the first places to show the signs of aging. Use it day and night. 

Here are a few Fall favorites of mine: 

eye serumHEART EYES REPAIRING EYE SERUM~ Roll with it! This concentrated, nutrient-dense serum is a powerful combination of ingredients that will visibly brighten and plump the under-eye area and protect against the signs of damage and aging to reveal a more youthful glow. This easy-to-grab, quick-apply eye roller means you can get Heart Eyes whenever you want and roll right past puffiness and wrinkles!



eye serum

EYE OF THE STORM~ The appearance of puffiness and dark circles under your eyes seasonally or daily or can be both pesky and unpleasant. Other seasonal issues such as the necessity for extra moisture can add to that annoyance- leaving your eyes in need of some calm after the storm!


The skin around your eyes is said to be 10 times thinner than the rest of your face making it more delicate and needing special attention. Eye Of The Storm was developed to not only reduce the appearance of unwanted eye issues, but also to pamper the delicate skin under your eye.

Please note when using any product under or above your eye area you want to make sure to not apply too close to your eye or get product in your eye. 

Explore our full collection of Eye Serums for alternative options we think you'll love!



Face masks allow you to give yourself a spa-like facial in the comfort of your home. 

Here are a few Fall favorites of mine: 

*Pumpkin LIFT Face Mask~ A natural ingredient like pumpkin that multitasks and is such a super charged skin ally, makes you understand just how powerful nature can be! Pumpkin contains vitamin A, C, and E, and antioxidants, which visibly reduce the signs of sun damage and wrinkles. It is also filled with powerful enzymes that naturally exfoliate dead skin cells, and it contains zinc and potassium to visibly reduce and combat redness. If this wasn’t enough, it is also an ingredient that helps pull other ingredients deeper into your skin making them more effective. 


Cocoa Mask~If you need another reason to love chocolate, we will give it to you! It is amazing for skin. It is a superstar ingredient filled with concentrated antioxidants and flavonoids that protect from free radical damage. A study in the Journal of Nutrition discovered that flavonoids in dark chocolate absorb UV light, increase blood flow to the skin, help protect the skin, and improve skin's hydration and complexion. It is also used to visibly reduce age and dark pigmentation spots. This intense concentrated mask visibly reduces the signs of aging and gives us another reason to love chocolate!

Explore our full collection of Face Masks for alternative options we think you'll love!



Moisturizers: Whether you have dry skin in the winter, oily skin when the humidity sky rockets, or normal skin year-round, the one thing your skin care routine needs is a hydrating moisturizer. By failing to moisturize your skin you may risk stripping your complexion of necessary hydration, which can cause everything from an overproduction of oil if it feels dehydrated or dry, dead skin cell buildup on skin’s surface. As we age, skin changes – cell turnover slows, dehydration increases, it becomes thinner and more sensitive, develops fine lines and wrinkles, and can have a lackluster appearance. This is the time to introduce highly effective, powerfully potent ingredients to combat these signs of aging. You want concentrated vitamins, antioxidants, and innovative plant stem cells to renew, regenerate, and restore skin’s radiance. Hydrated skin = youthful skin. 

Here is a Fall favorites of mine:

face creamSumthing Naughty is a client favorite. Pearl powder and champagne have been added, which “eat” dead skin cells, prevent the formation of wrinkles, cellulite, and stretch marks, and promote collagen repair while restoring lost vitamins and nutrients.





Say, “Bye, bye dry!” and let your skin soak up enriching moisturizing oils.  Vitamins A, C, and E, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids help skin retain moisture while visibly reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Make sure to use enhanced non-pore-clogging oils. They will revive, revitalize, and renew dull, lackluster skin while delivering anti-aging benefits and a supercharged hydrating boost.

Here are a Fall favorite of mine:

moisturizing cream serumGolden Glow Stem Cell Moisturizer~When it comes to preventing aging, this is a superstar. Packed with pumpkin stem cells and Prickly Pear oil it visibly reduces fine lines, wrinkles, crows feet, sagging and discoloration. It's fantastic at both prevention and reversing. Right now about the lifestyle changes, stress and other things going on in my life accelerate aging, I need the dense, intense, super charged, full octane powerhouse when it comes to keeping skin youthful.

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The last line of skin care defense for daily use? 


suntegrity sunscreen, best sunscreen, award winning sunscreenApplied liberally and often, broad-spectrum SPF of 30 or more is your first line of defense against skin damaging UV rays. Look for formulas that are lightweight and can easily be worn under makeup so you’ll never have an excuse to skip an application in the morning. Try Suntegrity Sunscreen a daily sunscreen formulated with antioxidants to also help neutralize free radical damage. 


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