Lavender Salt Scrub Bonbon




How do I love thee? Let me count the waves? First, for the fragrant fields of lavender; next, for the ultimate kiss of honey that massages my soft and glowing skin. Lavender flowers (cleansing, astringent and skin-reparative properties) are combined with honey (a humectant, conditioner, and emollient) and sumbody’s special blend of lavender essential oils to make this one incredibly wonderful scrub.

How to use: use our salt scrub bonbons after washing with our natural soaps. Rub bonbon all over body in small, circular motions. Scrub will last 2-3 showers. Not recommended for face; keep out of eyes.

Note: Scrubs will sting in an open wound; although it has beneficial effects, it may cause temporary discomfort. Warning: For external use only.


Pacific Sea Salt, Cocoa Butter, Lavender Flowers, Honey and sumbody’s Essential Oil Blend.

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