Here are a few fun tips on how to transition your skincare routine into spring and summer.

Spring is such a wonderful time of year! I just love the way the season starts to shift at this time. Winter moves into spring and starts to do its preparatory work bringing fun changes of what's to come next. It is the perfect time for all of us to dig deeper into who we are and what we are to become. Part of this process is self care, which includes skin care. Taking care of your largest organ, the skin, is part of keeping your overall well-being healthy and strong just like mother earth does during this time.

While we may be excited to run right into sunny spring then summer, our skin needs a little more time to adapt. Changes in sun exposure, humidity, and outdoor activity usually brings about a need to change your skincare routine. Springtime, along with summer months, bring more humidity to some regions and higher temperatures, which requires adapting your skincare routine to your sun protection, as well as your anti-aging regiment. Let’s take a look at some great tips to help support your skin at this time.

Sumbody’s Vitamin C Serum is a must in your skincare routine that is recommended to use morning and night by Dermatologists and Skin Care Professionals. Studies show that adding protection from damaging free radicals emitted by the sun, along with environmental toxins can be minimized by the use of Vitamin C topically.

As the days become longer and your exposure to the sun increases, enjoy the great outdoors with less concern as you wear your Vitamin C Serum, a favorite serum at SÄDÉ Spa for protecting one’s skin. We love its natural, high quality ingredients to nourish and feed your cells, along with powerful antioxidants to fight against collagen breakdown, discoloration, dull skin, and wrinkles. You'll ‘C’ results in no time!

After the long, dry winter months, remember now is a great time to start exfoliating the skin if you aren’t already. Using a great cleansing mask booster, such as Sumbody’s Hemp Hemp Hooray or Manna Mask is a wonderful way to remove dead, dull skin cells from the skin surface, leaving skin radiant and vibrant. The Manna Mask is specially formulated to deliver everything your changing skin needs to stay healthy and radiant. This multitasking, age-defying powerhouse can be used as a daily cleanser or a mask. Doesn’t honey, salt, avocado oil, green tea and bee pollen sound heavenly?

It is important to incorporate nutrient-dense, antibacterial, natural ingredients that visibly repairs and mends skin while visibly accelerating cellular turnover. Sweat, product, and grease can easily clog pores combined with dead skin cells if not attended to. Avoid products with environmentally unfriendly microbeads and rough pieces like nuts, and shells. The alternative I recommend is an enzymatic cleansing masks with fruit acids, such as pumpkin, pineapple, or dragon fruit. You will see these ingredients in the Tipsy Dragon or Pumpkin Enzyme, which also incorporate important nutrient-rich clays and amino acids. By adding water before application, the 100% power-packed ingredients will become activated and then will adhere to, draw out and finally eliminate congestion in pores. You will also experience added exfoliation and gently cleansing with remarkable and visible benefits.

You know that feeling of being dry all over? Hydrating the skin is a key step in maintaining skin health and a vital glow. First I recommend a moisturizer and oil. Why do you need a moisturizer? To be properly hydrated, skin needs both fluid and fats. Without this balance, pores become clogged with dead skin, bacteria, and debris. This causes accelerated aging, increased blemishes, and other skin issues. Crème Fraiche restores proper moisture levels without clogging pores so our skin stays healthy and functioning properly. Skin will soak up this balanced hydration and will be noticeably softer and more youthful. Why add an oil with stem cells? Every day we are one day older and an advanced product will help fight the natural changes in aging skin such as: slow cell turnover, increased dehydration, thinner and more sensitive skin, development of fine lines and wrinkles. As our skin changes, so does its needs. Make sure to do your research and look for highly effective, potent ingredients to combat the signs of aging. Sumbody Golden Glow Stem Cell Oil combines concentrated vitamins, antioxidants, and innovative plant stem cells to renew, regenerate, and restore radiance. It is important to use a non-pore-clogging product that soaks deep into skin as it balances and regulates the skin’s natural oil production while depositing moisture and supercharged ingredients where they can be most effective.

For those with extra dry skin or sensitive skin issues, a hyaluronic skin serum helps when a moisturizer is not enough. Dehydrated skin needs a full infusion of moisture and this is where hyaluronic acid comes into to play. This serum quenches thirsty skin and absorbs easily while delivering vital nutrients and moisture that will reverse and prevent signs of aging and dehydration while leaving skin looking and feeling youthful, plump, radiant, and smooth. Sumbody’s Full Infusion is formulated to target dehydration and deliver an instant infusion of hydration to dry, lackluster skin. Remember: moisture loss leads to the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and dullness, and can cause many other skin issues including blemishes, redness, and premature aging. In order for skin to be properly hydrated it needs both fluids and essential fatty acids. This concentrated serum provides both and keeps skin healthy, vibrant, and youthful.

Stay ahead of the strong ultraviolet (UV) rays by using your serums and exfoliating cleansing masks, but don’t forget to use a non-toxic sunscreen in your skin care routine in the morning and afternoon!

Suntegrity has put their heart into creating a safe, non-toxic sunscreens. You can choose to wear a non-tinted Primer, or enjoy more of a matte-like finish with Impeccable Skin Sunscreen Foundation or choose a lighter feel tint, 5-In1 Tinted Sunscreen Moisturizer

OH and don’t forget to have fun searching out that perfect sun hat you can wear all season long. Be intentional about it when you shop and make it fun!

Spring is a time of joy, restoration and renewal. Life is always changing, and at times we ALL feel like we're on a crazy ride that we might not be exactly thrilled with at all times. So stay sovereign, remain in your power and know that the delicious rays of summer's sun will soon be upon us, blessing us with warmth, light and the promise of good times ahead!