Clear Quartz Cleansing Mushroom



stimulates lymphatic flow

induces movement of blood and lymph

relieves tension, stress

relax tight muscles, relieve joint pain (TMJ, headaches)


dull, sallow skin

acne, blackheads, congestion

muscle tension; shoulder, neck & jawline

jaw clenching, teeth grinding

NOTE: Due to genuine gemstone quality, characteristics may vary slightly from featured image(s).


Clear Quartz Cleansing Mushroom by Cecily Braden

Clear Quartz stimulates lymph flow to purify the tissue, which in turn increases collagen and elastin production and the beginning of a flurry of cell activity to renew and rejuvenate the skin.

Use: It’s recommended to use 2 per person and apply simultaneously on left and right side. Warm prior to use in the HerbalSteam Pro, hot towel cabinet, running under or by immersing in hot water. Use caution with all methods of warming the stone.

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