CJB Bloodstone Mushroom Tension Tamer



invigorates and breaks-up blood stagnation

induces movement of blood & fluids (phlegm, lymph)

relieves tension, stress (physical & emotional)

release deeply held emotions (open Bao Mai Channel)

diminish jaw & brow tension; TMJ | headaches

relax tight muscles, relieve joint pain

blood purifier | increase circulation | clear heat

promotes benevolence | PTSD


muscle tension; shoulder, neck & jawline

jaw clenching, teeth grinding

high stress (physical & emotioinal)

NOTE: Due to genuine gemstone quality, characteristics may vary slightly from featured image(s).


CJB Bloodstone Mushroom Tension Tamer by Cecily Braden

Contraindicated for pregnancy. 

Toning and melting muscle tension in the shoulders, neck and face is the intention of the Bloodstone Mushroom Tension Tamer.

Bloodstone is a blood purifier. It has an affinity for invigorating and breaking up blood stagnation and nourishing the blood. It’s connected to the Bao Mai channel, which has a strong “emotional connotation.” As always, when we relieve tension (physical and emotional) and increase micro-circulation, it creates a chain reaction that oxygenates the skin, increases cell activity to bring about a healthy glow and give freedom to the tissue to breathe and function more properly.

Additionally, it helps stimulate lymph flow to purify the tissue, which in turn increases collagen and elastin production and the beginning of a flurry of cell activity to renew and rejuvenate the skin.

Use: It’s recommended to use 2 per person and apply simultaneously on left and right side. Warm prior to use in the HerbalSteam Pro, hot towel cabinet, running under or by immersing in hot water. Use caution with all methods of warming the stone.

For additional support, we have dedicated a Facebook Group with simple clips and videos. Available to those who purchase the stone. 

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