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NET WT 0.6 OZ/18 G

Congested skin is unhealthy skin. Our advanced formula cleansing mud is extremely potent. With no added water, Magic Mud is 100% power-packed ingredients to exfoliate and gently cleanse, while adhering to, drawing out, and eliminating congestion in pores. You add water to activate these powerful ingredients and use them at peak potency every time.

WHY YOU NEED IT: We are exposed to environmental toxins and pollutants every day, from pollens, smog, and dust to cosmetic chemicals. These particulates get into our pores and form a “plug”. Congested skin can cause accelerated aging, enlarged pores, redness, irritation, breakouts, excessively dry/oily skin, and make skin look dull, ruddy, and uneven. This concentrated cleanser purges pores of these plugs and soothes skin without stripping away moisture so skin stays hydrated and radiant.

HOW TO USE: Use as a daily facial scrub or shower mask. Massage gently with your index and middle fingers, using soft, upward circular motions to spread the mask all over your face. Use sparingly above your eyes as mask may drip. Next, rinse with warm water or leave on during your shower, then rinse off before getting out.


  • Visibly diminished pore size
  • Reduced appearance of bumps, redness, and breakouts
  • Skin that looks and feels healthy, smooth, and radiant
  • Decongested pores free of buildup and toxins


Kaolin, obsidian, brown, and earth blush clays purge pores of buildup, slough, draw and pull out impurities, protect, nurture, and impart vital minerals and nutrients.
Spirulina is filled with essential fatty acids, vitamin B, and minerals to remove toxins and soothe skin.
Mustard seeds reduce the appearance of discoloration, keep skin youthful and glowing, and are rich in vitamins A and E, and essential fatty acids.

Kaolinite (sea clay), Kaolinite (kaolin clay), Illite (obsidian clay), Illite (brown clay), Illite (earth blush clay), Brassica (mustard) seed powder, Spirulina platensis (spirulina), Bambuseae (bamboo) activated charcoal, Cocos nucifera (coconut) hull activated charcoal; extracts of: Astragalus propinquus (astragalus), Handroanthus impetiginosus (Pau D’Arco), Hebanthe eriantha (suma), Avena sativa L. (oatstraw), Camellia Sinensis (green tea), Taraxacum (dandelion), Macrocystis pyrifera (kelp)